Experience: We've been there before. 

Even if you have navigated through a deal or two before, chances are you could benefit from the experience of a seasoned M&A advisor. Such expertise in any transaction can yield disproportionately high results. We can manage simultaneous competitive negotiations with multiple parties, anticipate and expertly counter a buyer’s attempt to re-trade on a letter of intent, consider and balance the interests of all parties, from investors to management to employees, and create a post-deal implementation plan that works. You should assume that the other parties to your transaction have an experienced team of advisors helping to navigate them through the intricacies of your deal. By hiring an advisor, you equip yourself with the same powerful negotiating tools they do. By hiring the right advisor, you give yourself an advantage.

Negotiation: We can push where you can't.

Even the friendliest of acquisitions encounter an unexpected road block or two. An advisor is uniquely able to maintain the distance necessary to deliver difficult news or take a hard line on particular deal points as only a third party can. We can push buyers or sellers for the best possible deal available to you, while recognizing and responding to the tactics they will undoubtedly employ to maximize their own upside. And because we take the time to understand your business, we know which points to press and which should remain flexible. After the ink has dried, you will need to work with the other parties to your transaction in making the deal a success. In the meantime, let us do the heavy lifting required during the transaction and let us stand in the line of fire when the negotiations are at their toughest; that’s what we do.

Execution: We obsess over the details.

Most of Cerca Trova’s clients are sophisticated companies managed by talented, savvy business people. They are eminently capable of negotiating deal points and closing a transaction. But that’s a full-time job, and they already had one. Ultimately, they chose to engage an advisor because they recognized that their talents were better used implementing their business plan, not getting bogged down in the details of a deal.

We sweat the details for you. We’re able to spend the time and energy required to ensure your due diligence items are thoroughly addressed, every critical deal point is incorporated into your documents, and every strategic goal is kept clearly in sight. Focusing your company’s best minds on the intricacies of your transaction would be a distraction from your business goals and could seriously derail your momentum. You have more important things to do.